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The Town of Oliver is named after “Honest” John Oliver, who became the 19th Premier of British Columbia following the death of his predecessor in 1918 and held the position of Premier until his own death in 1927. During his term in office, he was instrumental in developing the original fruit growing industry in the South  Okanagan  Valley, centered in what later became our community, and which adopted the Premier Oliver’s name as its own.

The core of Oliver was incorporated as a Village municipality in December 1945. After decades of modest growth and expansion, Oliver was re-incorporated as a Town in 1990. Oliver’s estimated municipal population (in 2009) is 4,783. Along with its surrounding rural area (administered by the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen) the community of Oliver comprises a total trading area of approximately 9,000 people.

The Town of Oliver delivers a full range of municipal services to its residents including land use planning, public works. solid waste collection, cemetery, bylaw services and business licensing. Oliver staff also provides fire protection services and water supply to most rural residents as well as to properties inside Oliver. In addition, Oliver partners financially with the Regional District to provide parks and recreation services, heritage conservation and landfill operations to residents both inside Oliver and in the surrounding rural areas.

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Through this official web site, the Town of Oliver provides information on its services. For other community information, including tourism, businesses, parks and schools please refer to the community portal.

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