*Update* Irrigation System #5 on Rotating Water Outages

Latest Updates

The Town has resolved the issues and made the necessary fixes to the pump at Fairview. Staff have been testing the new motor and will take everyone off of rotating water outages today - August 30th.

The Town has ordered new parts and hope to have everything in place and up and running early next week (August 30th). We appreciate everyone's patience! - Aug 18th update

The Town has experienced a blown motor for a 150 HP pump at our Fairview Pumphouse for Irrigation System #5.This area is located south of the town, in the rural area. We have the motor being looked at but properties using irrigation in this system, will experience water outages due to Staff rotating and closing areas of the system down because we cannot keep up with the demand. There may be a water outage every fourth (4) day for existing customers and we are hoping that this will be remedied by mid next week where we can fully turn the system on again.

The Town conducts testing on every motor in our water and sewer systems each year and this one was in good condition and we are not sure what caused the motor fault. We are sorry for any inconveniences and appreciate your patience.

If you are not sure what system your are in, please check your Utility Invoice.  Under the Town's address at the top left hand corner, your system is identified by your Account # - ie - 005 00000XX 000.  If your first three digits of your account # does not read "005", then you are in a different system and not affected by this outage.