Age Friendly Assessment and Action Plan

The Town of Oliver has recently started an Age Friendly Assessment and Action Plan.

What is age friendly planning?

An age friendly community is one that supports people of all ages in actively participating in their community and where everyone is treated with respect, regardless of their age. It is a place that makes it easier for older people to stay connected and active in their communities. [definition adapted from WHO, Towards an Age Friendly World]

According to the World Health Organization, eight key features of age friendly communities include:

  1. Pleasant, clean, secure, and physically accessible outdoor spaces and public buildings.
  2. Accessible and affordable public transportation.
  3. Affordable, appropriately located, well built, well designed, and secure
  4. Opportunities for participation in leisure, social, cultural, and spiritual activities with people of all ages and cultures.
  5. Respect and civic inclusion of older folks.
  6. Opportunities for employment and volunteerism that cater to older persons’ interests and abilities.
  7. Age-friendly communication and information.
  8. Community support and health services tailored to older persons’ needs.

What’s happening in Oliver?

Over the next nine months, the assessment and action plan will look at age friendly assets, barriers, and opportunities in Oliver. This project will support Oliver in becoming an age-friendly community by enabling existing groups and plans to expand their missions to embody the age friendly principles.

Input from community members and groups will be key to the assessment, so stay tuned for opportunities to get involved!

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