Pre-authorized Payments

Property Taxes

To enroll in the prepayment plan for property taxes, you must pay any outstanding balance and claim your Home Owner Grant by the due date.

Once enrolled, your monthly installment of taxes will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account over 10 months commencing in August and ending in May. 

It is not necessary to re-apply each year. You may enroll anytime, however the payments will be prorated by the number of months from the date of enrollment to May 2021. 

Utility Invoices

To enroll in the prepayment plan for utilities, you must pay any outstanding balance.

Once enrolled, your account will automatically be debited for the amount of your utility bill on the due date.

To apply, fill out the Property Tax & Utilities Pre-Authorized Payment Fillable Form and submit via email.

For information:

The Town of Oliver Tax Prepayment Info Sheet

Pre-authorized Payment Bylaw 1319