Citizen's Survey 2019

This report presents the findings of the Town of Oliver’s 2019 Citizen Survey.

The Citizen Survey is conducted to gauge public satisfaction with municipal services and to gain insight into citizens’ investment priorities.

Specific research objectives included:

  • Identify important community issues
  • Assess perceptions of Oliver’s quality of life
  • Assess perceptions of community safety
  • Measure the importance of and satisfaction with municipal services
  • Determine the perceived value for taxes and understand attitudes towards balancing taxation and service delivery levels
  • Identify priorities for investment
  • Gauge support for a bylaw banning single-use plastics
  • Identify preferred methods of communication
  • Measure satisfaction with the Town’s customer service

Insight gained by this research will help the Town of Oliver make important decisions regarding planning, budgeting, and community priorities.

Chart to show Satisfaction with Town Services survey results