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Starfish Pack


What is the Starfish Pack Program?
Many students across the province rely on school breakfast and lunch programs to fill their tummy’s on school days. When it comes to the weekend, they don’t have the food they need. Starfish Pack was designed to help change that. Starfish provides packs of 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and snacks to hungry students each weekend of the school year.

How it Works
Each week, volunteers fill backpacks with 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and snacks and then deliver them to local schools for the students to take home on the weekend. The students return the empty backpacks to the school the following week, and our volunteers pick them up to be refilled for the following weekend.

It costs approximately $600 to fill a backpack for a student for the full school year.

Oliver and Okanagan Falls
The Starfish Program has been running in Oliver an Okanagan Falls for 5 years and can be found at 3 schools in Oliver and 1 school in Okanagan Falls.

All donations can be sent directly to The Town of Oliver or you can contact Sam Marsel, the Oliver Starfish Pack Coordinator, if you would like to have a donation picked up. Donations to the Starfish Pack stay local to the program in Oliver and Okanagan Falls and all of the money raised goes towards Starfish Packs for students. A tax receipt will be sent if an e-mail is provided.  

More information can be found at: 

Oliver Starfish Pack Volunteer Coordinator: Sam Marsel 
Phone: 250-488-7700

Thank you for supporting the kids!

Donor Form can be found here.