Packinghouse Lane Improvements

What we’ve done and where we’re going

The Town of Oliver has retained TRUE Engineering to review and design the Packinghouse Lane corridor and connecting intersections on Airport Street and Similkameen Avenue. TRUE has provided recommendations to possible geometric improvements to improve safety for pedestrians and road users, improve traffic operations in the area, and accommodate future land development projects in the surrounding area of Airport Street.

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Overall Plan

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Option 1 – This option closes vehicle traffic in the existing laneway and creates a multi-use pathway around the mall, connecting from Co-op Avenue to Airport Street. It also creates a safer intersection from the Mall north entrance and Co-op Ave.

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Option 2 – this option keeps vehicle traffic access from Co-op Avenue  to Airport Street but forces traffic leaving Oliver Place Mall, to exit to the east, towards Airport Street and closes exit access to Co-op Avenue. This also makes this intersection safer for vehicles and pedestrians.

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This drawing shows larger shipping & receiving vehicle routes for BC Tree Fruits and Oliver Place Mall.

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This shows a proposed change to the Airport Street and Similkameen Avenue intersection which shortens pedestrian street crossings. This design follows many other recent road upgrades in Town.

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What’s Next?

Mayor and Council have asked for public feedback on the proposed revisions because it will change traffic flow and access from Oliver Place Mall to Co-op Avenue and Airport Street. A new 46 unit affordable housing development (5931 Airport Street) is being funded through BC Housing and is a proposed first phase which will start in 2021. This development is also contributing funds towards the road improvements with the Town of Oliver covering the remaining costs. The Town and their Engineering Consultants are putting design plans in place and before any final decisions are made, we want your feedback!

Town staff will collect all feedback until November 15, 2020 and present to Council at an upcoming meeting.

Tell Us What You Think:

The Town of Oliver is seeking public input on options for the improvement of Packinghouse Lane. These changes are being spurred on by a new 46 Unit development that will be constructed in 2021 on Airport Street.

Please review the content provided on this page and submit your thoughts via the form at the bottom of the page.

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