Smoke Free Bylaw

A stone pathway with a park bench and shady tree

Breathe Free in Smoke Free Public Spaces

Smoke Free Bylaw 1375

Oliver’s Smoke Free Bylaw prohibits smoking in all Oliver parks, community facilities, outdoor public spaces, school properties, rail trail, public vehicles, and town streets when used as part of an outdoor public event. 

Next steps include educating residents to learn more about this key initiative which is supported by Interior Health.  New signage will be put in place to remind visitors and residents about the restriction parameters.

Promoting voluntary compliance through education through the website, media, social media and Oliver Tourism Association.

The adoption of the bylaw ensures healthy, smoke-free air for park users, reduces the risk of fires, reduces toxins in the soil and water, and reduces smoking-related litter.


Smoke Free Bylaw 1375 and Bylaw Notice Information Ticket Bylaw

Province of BC Tobacco Control

Interior Health Smoke Free Environment Policy