The Town of Oliver is dedicated to continually making its services and facilities more accessible to its residents.

What we are currently committed to:

  • Having an Accessibility Committee
  • Developing an Accessibility Plan
  • Receive and review feedback

Oliver Accessibility and Age Friendly Committee

The Oliver Accessibility and Age Friendly Committee will support the Town's efforts to implement municipal recommendations in the Oliver Age Friendly Action Plan and will support the Town with developing a Town of Oliver Accessibility Plan in alignment with the Accessibility British Columbia Act. The Committee will support the municipality with developing a Town of Oliver Accessibility Plan and developing a feedback mechanism around areas such as access to Town services and facilities, communications, and infrastructure (e.g., sidewalks).

The Committee will advise and support the municipality with implementing the Town of Oliver Accessibility Plan and responding to suggestions received through the feedback mechanisms. Additionally, the Committee will aide with meeting the Town’s obligations as an age friendly community recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

To view the Town of Oliver's  Accessibility Plan Work Plan click here.

Do you self-identify as living with a disability?
Are you describing a barrier that you experienced or that someone else experienced?
Can the Town include a summary of your idea/barrier in its accessibility plan or in a report to Town Council (you will remain anonymous – your name and personal information will not be shared in public):
Did the barrier relate to any of the following (please check all that apply):
e.g. Sidewalks, municipal facilities, Town Hall, parks
e.g. Buses
e.g. Town workshops, events hosted by the Town
e.g. Access to water and wastewater services
e.g. Barriers that make it hard for a company's staff to bid on potential Town contracts
Did you experience the barrier (please check all that apply):