Prepare for an emergency

The Town of Oliver is located in an area prone to wildfires. Living where wildfires can occur puts our homes at risk. However, it is possible to live resiliently with wildfires and keep our homes and communities safe.

The best defence against wildfires is to be prepared! By following some simple FireSmart™* principles, you can greatly increase your home’s resiliency to wildfires. The goal of FireSmart is to provide homeowners with the knowledge to best protect their home and community from widlfires.

Think FireSmart. Be proactive and help protect your home and community!

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Making Your Home FireSmart

Easy Ways to Assess Your Home

In the time it takes to make yourself a coffee, you could be assessing your property for potential fire risks. It’s that easy. Here are some ways to get started.

FireSmart Videos

Remember Your 3 P's

Prepare, Plan and Practice. Find out more about each of the steps below.

Be a leader in your community

Are you a leader in your community? Reach out to your local FireSmart Coordinator to set up a FireSmart Committee in your neighbourhood!

The Town of Oliver's FireSmart Coordinator is Kai Kaplan. Email: or call 250.485.6256 (please leave a message).

In progress: Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan (CWRP)

The Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan is a comprehensive plan created through interagency cooperation between community stakeholders and forestry professionals. The purpose of the CWRP is to promote public safety and make the community more resistant to the impacts imposed by wildfires.

The goals of the CWRP are to:

  • Increase communities' capacity and understanding of wildfire risk,
  • Foster greater collaboration across administrative boundaries,
  • Be more responsive to different types of communities throughout British Columbia, and
  • Develop achievable and accountable action items.

Stay tuned for the CWRP!

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