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Special Event                            

The Town of Oliver welcomes special events in the public spaces of our community.   Special Events give residents and visitors exposure to their favourite artists and athletes, allow communities to gather and celebrate together, and contribute to the local economy.   

Through the Special Event application process the Town is able to assist organizers and facilitate special requests to make sure all events are safe and do not negatively affect the community.  By involving municipal departments, we ensure all events are well organized and appropriately supported from the planning stages through to leaving the site in the same condition found prior to use.

Organizers please read the Special Event Policy to insure all requirements are met before applying.

Special Event Application $35.00

Special Events Application Form

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Public Property Occupancy Agreement

Municipal Insurance Association of British of Columbia (MIABC) offers Liability Insurance for organizers when they host sporting, special events, or leisure activities at their local government’s facilities.

The MIABC launched its new EventPolicy Portal. The portal is a free online service that allows facility users to easily obtain liability insurance for special events or activities held at local government facilities.

The portal is accessible 24/7 through any web browser or smartphone and offers users affordable rates for most activities, including those with alcohol service, up to limits of $5 million.

The portal is designed for facility users to access directly, with no steps required on the part of the member. Visit the website to learn more.